Here are some FAQ's, if you have others please fillout the form

How do I see proofs of the job before we print?

We send you PDF proofs for your print approval via email.

How can you maintain such low prices?

Our print facilities specialize in gang-run printing, running many jobs at the same time... on the same press saving you money.

Our business is in a different state, can we still use your services?

Yes! That's no problem at all, we have many clients in a variety of states.

How do I receive my print job?

Usually UPS

Do you set up hosting?

We do help you set up the hosting for your website.

How do I see the working progress on a web design project?

We set up a beta test site that you can log onto in order to test functionality and view revisions.

How do I pay for design?

50% is paid up front and then 50% on completion.

In what format will I receive my logo?

Several; Eps-vector art, Jpeg for the web, PDF-proof and any Photoshop files.

What is the average turn around time for designing a website?

depending on the size and complexity of the design, usually about 3-6 weeks.

How can you perform changes/revisions so quickly?

We are always near a computer, we check our emails every hour and make revisions instantly.

What is the average turn around time for designing a logo?

Depending on revisions, usually about 7-10 days

Can you print from my other designers files?

Yes! As long as the files are print ready, CMYK 300dpi.

Do you design signage for my building?

Yes, we do signage,large format banners and posters

Can I send large files to you via email?

We have an FTP file upload link on our site. You can upload files as large as 500Mb.

Do you offer color correction and manipulation of photographs?

Yes, we also offer enlargement.

Do you offer large format printing such as posters and banners?

Yes. We also offer car magnets and foamboard printing.

What is your hourly design rate?

We price per job, not by the hour. Although a basic flat rate would be $75. Logo design is usually around $300-$500

What payment options do I have?

All major credit cards and paypal

For any other questions, please email us at design@isdesignstudio.com